Panther Moderns EP 

L.I.E.S. 2012

"Prolific, diverse and slightly mysterious, he's America's answer to Legowelt. Under his own name, it seems as if more consideration is paid to contemporary dance floors. As always, however, it's with the aid of analogue synths. Not 303s, 808s or 909s, but the spooky, early vintage kind that are played rather than sequenced. " - Resident Advisor

Zen Spiders b/w Lwaxana

Future Times 2013

"It’s an arpeggio-lover’s dream, with intertwined counterpoints wrapping themselves around a slow-motion disco groove while lush, augmented chords waft like cirrus clouds. It sounds slight at low volume, but turn it up and it becomes a full-body experience." - Spin

Zero-Point Field EP

L.I.E.S. 2010

"Menacing synth bass stabs echo on the title track, deepening the darkness as an incessant throb kicks in. Basic Channel and Model 500 gets evoked before a more gentle New Age wash suffuses the track two minutes in. It's soothing and disconcerting all at once, and best of all, it works, allowing the beat to fold back in and ratchet the track up another degree." - Resident Advisor

Speicher 67 (split 12" w/Maxime Dangles)

Kompakt Extra 2010

"“Bayern Kurve,” a mid-tempo roller that recalls the classic crawl of EBM that has come to the techno intersection – destination: future unknown. This tune is what the disco kids will certainly scream for as they now start to yearn for darkness in their dance." - Inverted Audio

Ancient Aliases


Lovelock - Burning Feeling

Internasjonal 2012

"While hardly subtle, there’s a lightness of touch that results in a near perfect balance between heady Balearic goodness and eyes-shut rock pomposity. In the wrong hands, this album could easily have turned into a cack-handed, self-indulgent mess, brimming with tongue-in-cheek nonsense. Thanks to Moore’s immaculate composition and production skills, it’s something of a triumph; a genuine Balearic belter." - Juno Plus

Gianni Rossi - Gutterballs: Original Motion Picture Score

Permanent Vacation 2009

No one ever reviewed this album, or heard it.



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