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Mayhem: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Relapse Records 2017

"'s a heady, all-encompassing world of suspenseful sounds, demonstrating Moore's mastery of the form." - AllMusic

The Mind's Eye: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Relapse Records 2016

"Without question, The Mind's Eye is Moore's best soundtrack to date, and it might just be the most accomplished work in his entire, sprawling discography." - AllMusic

Cub: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Relapse Records 2015

"This horror soundtrack by Zombi's Steve Moore nicely balances cosmic synth arpeggios with suspenseful dark ambience. The album was composed and performed entirely by Moore on synthesizers without any additional instruments or musicians, and it has the same sort of low-budget feel as John Carpenter's vintage scores. As with those soundtracks, Moore proves that a creative composer can make a truly effective score even with limited resources." - AllMusic

The Guest: Original Motion Picture Score

Death Waltz 2015

"...Moore delivers vast sonic landscapes that are as eerie and foreboding as the film itself, the perfect sort of ambience to a comically gruesome film. Sequenced basslines, mild pads, minimal beats and Moore's inimitable sense of space fills this release with a blissful sense of dread." - Juno Records

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